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Benzoin Oil


Benzoin Oil Sumatra is not a really true as an essential oil, but classed as a resinoid benzoin. It has a thick liquid product with rich sweet balsam and vanilla like aroma.

Benzoin is very good for inhalation if you have a cough or cold, ease aches, and pains. It lift your negative emotions by adding it into carrier oil such as bergamot or chamomile oil and massage it into your body to uplift and stimulate your mind and spirit. It is useful to treat irritated skin conditions when combined with rose or lavender oil. It is also very good as a deep moisturizer and used in lotions, creams, etc.


Synonym : Benzoin Essential Oil.
Botanical : Styrax Dryand, Styrax Sumatra.
Origin : Sumatra - Indonesia.
Extraction : Solvent.
Appearance : Viscous Liquid, Thick Liquid.
Odor : Sweet Balsam.


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