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Styrax Benzoin Sumatra is a resinous solidified from Styrax Benzoin tree (Styrax Sumatra / Styrax Dryand), native plant from North Sumatra-Indonesia.

As a gum from this species hardens, it becomes Lumps and milky white color when it just exudates from the tree and become yellowish brown after 3 weeks.

Styrax Benzoin has been collected and traded for thousands of years ago and has been use in some of the oldest civilizations of the world, particularly in the religious ceremonies and medicines.

It is widely used in religious ceremonies in many parts of the world and used in incense sticks and other burnt substances that gives out smoke with the characteristic aroma of Benzoin. Modern studies have found a number of medicinal properties of Styrax Benzoin Sumatra.



It has relaxant and sedative properties. It also has tranquilizing effects. It relieves anxiety and stress, tension, eases nervous tension, uplifting, soothing, warming, helps to overcome depression and restore confidence, dispels anger, diminishes irritability, and clears the head. Actually it brings the nervous system and neurotic system to normal. It gives a feeling of mood-uplift in case of depression and relaxes and in case of anxiety and stress. These properties of Styrax Benzoin were detected since long time ago and been used to create a mood in gathering.


Styrax Benzoin stimulates the production of gastric juices (carminative), helps digestion, calms the digestive tract and alleviates flatulence. It helps removal of gases from the stomach and the intestines and relieves inflation of intestines. Because of its relaxing effects, it relaxes the muscular tension in the abdominal area and help gases pass out. This helps digestion and improves appetite.


Styrax Benzoin stimulates the production of urine (diuretic). It promotes and facilitates urination, in frequency and in quantity, thereby helping removal of toxic substances from the blood through urine. It is used to fight leucorrhoea and yeast infections. Urination also helps in lowering blood pressure, losing weight and improving digestion.


Styrax Benzoin has a soothing, sedative effect on the respiratory tract, and behaves as a good expectorant. In the form of a tincture, benzoin is used as an inhalant with steam of water (approx. 30ml of tincture into 3Lt of water) for the relief of tense breathing (tones the lungs), helps to expel mucus, used for flu, laryngitis, bronchitis, cough, and upper respiratory tract disorders.

Its tranquilizing properties help relax and induce sleep to patients who cannot sleep due to extreme congestion from cough and cold. Due to this property, it is also used in balms, rubs, vaporizers etc. Use Styrax Benzoin in a STEAM INHALATION, VAPORIZATION or in a MASSAGE OIL BLEND massaging into the chest, back, and throat.


Styrax Benzoin warms and tones the heart, improves circulation, raises spirit and uplifts mood. It gives a warm feeling, stimulates heart beat and improves circulation. The molecules of Benzoin Oil, along with inhaled smoke, get into our nostrils and detected by the our smell buds and transmitted to our brain, thereby the effects then stimulating the our brain.


Styrax Benzoin used for rheumatism, arthritis, gout. It eases muscle tension by reducing inflammation and detoxifying acids from the joints. Helps to relieve sore muscles and stiff joints after strenuous physical activity. These are the most used properties of Styrax Benzoin when applied externally, due to easy absorption of Benzyl components in it through the skin pores. Due to this, it is used in a number of anti arthritic balms.


Styrax Benzoin has astringent, antiseptic, reduces inflammation, helps to stop bleeding properties. It is useful where there is redness, irritation, itching, and for cracked or dry skin. Helps to keep the skin supple and elastic, and tones up the muscles which all of these very helpful for face lifting and for reduction of wrinkles on the skin. With regular application it can soften scar tissue. It also tightens the gums when mixed with water and used as a mouthwash.


It is a powerful local antibiotic properties for treating variety of infections including multiple aerobic, anaerobic, and spore-forming bacteria, as well as Candida albicans and Mycobacterium fortuitism. It has been used as an antibiotic for superficial wound infections and has well-established uses in both allopathic and traditional forms of medicine.

In tincture form, it used in surgical specialties. It is use as a preoperative surgical preparation, because it has an efficient and strong local skin antibiotic and could be used effectively prior to surgery.

In incense form, the components like Benzaldehyde, Benzoic Acid and Benzyl Benzoate are very effective germicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and anti viral properties. The extent to which its smoke spreads on burning will makes the zone disinfected from germs. It prevents from septic when externally applied on wounds and protects open wounds from infections.


Styrax Benzoin is a perfume fixative and has addictive scent. of sweet, vanilla, resinous, balsamic, powdery, milky, and spicy which is soothe, stimulate, comfort, and warm individuals especially when they are exhausted or feeling a little down. It is associated with Prosperity and mental powers.

Because it is very rich in aroma, it is also extensively used as deodorant for rooms and body. Its medicinal sweetness fills the rooms with nice aroma and drives away odor. Mixed with bathing water and massage oils or otherwise, if applied on body, it kills germs that causing the body odor. This property comes from the presence of derivatives of Benzene ring in Styrax Benzoin Oil. Actually benzene is a cyclic hydrocarbon and like all other cyclic organic compounds, is aromatic in nature.


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