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GUM COPAL - Gum Kauri


Synonyms : Gum Dammara, Gum Almaciga, Gum Dakua.
CAS Number : 9000-14-0
Part : Natural Resin
Plant Name : Agathis Dammara.
Family : Araucariaceae.


Gum Copal or Gum Kauri is a natural resinous material of plant Agathis Dammara (family Araucariaceae).

It has been used as a raw material for varnish because it produces glossy films with good weather protection properties. It has been used as pigment binder in varnishes due to the excellent binding properties.

It has been mainly used as an emulsifier and stabilizer for the production of color, paints, printing inks, aromatic emulsions and meat preservatives.

It was also used as medicine for several different ailments such as in the treatment of burns, headache, nosebleed, fever, stomachache, and in the preparation of dental products and as remedy for loose teeth and dysentery.

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