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Gum Damar Cat's Eye


Synonyms : Damar Cat's Eye; Gum Dammar; Damar Jaca; Damar Sibosa.
CAS Number : 9000-16-2.
Part : Natural Resin.
Plant Name : Shorea Sumatrana.
Family : Dipterocarpaceae.


Gum Damar Cat's Eye is a yellowish natural gum of plant Shorea Sumatrana (family Dipterocarpaceae).

It contains about 40% Alpha-Resin (resin that dissolves in alcohol), 22% Beta Resin, 23% Demerol Acid.

The resin was formerly used for torches, for caulking boats and handicrafts, and recently used principally in paints, varnishes, lacquers, polishes and linoleum industries. It use as an emulsifier and stabilizer for the production of color, paints, inks. It is use in manufacture of paper and wood.

It is also used in cosmetics, food and beverages, pharmaceutical and dental industries for its strong binding properties.

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