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Benzoin Gum Sumatra



: Styrax Benzoin.



Styrax Dryand, Styrax Paralleloneurus.


: Styraceae.


: 9000-73-1


: Natural, Pure.


Gum Benzoin Sumatra (Styrax) is original resin from Sumatra. It has been collected and traded for thousands of years. It is a fixative and has been use in some of the oldest civilizations of the world, particularly in their religious ceremonies and in their medicines, mainly due to its anti depressant, disinfectant and aromatic properties.

It is correspond to a resinous solidified as a result of natural process by Styrax tree itself. It is absolutely different with the block form of the resin which as result from a process of man-made in making resin.

The size of the lumps are various from 1 to 3cm width and 2 to 7cm length. It has milky white color when it just exudates from the tree and become yellowish brown after 3 weeks.

A pure material should has strong storax. When it burned, it will produce smoke of specific natural gum benzoin aromatic.


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